Is Roblox shutting down?

We all love playing Roblox and recently, there were rumors that Roblox is shutting down. Shutting it down will cause heartbreak to a lot of people. Roblox is one of the biggest gaming platforms that are completely safe for your kids. There are millions of users on the website and the users are from different age groups. You are going to get a lot of features on this platform and it is a great platform if you want to play with friends and make memories. The platform offers you to be creative in your ways. You can create a game or create merchandise. It is all up to you what you have to do on the platform. 


There is a vast community on this platform and shutting it down is not going to be fair for any one of them. If you are also confused if Roblox is shutting down, read the article to know everything about it. Stay tuned to the article to know more.

Roblox shutting down: True or False?

It is a sigh of relief that it is FALSE that Roblox is shutting down. This fake news was on air in 2019 and many of the Roblox fans were confused about the fact if it is true. Many fans were devastated by the news and some of them started posting the same on the internet or Twitter. Everybody needed to get an official update from the company. It was rumored that Roblox is shutting down because of overpopulation and they are not able to keep up with the servers.

But, in January 2020, it was announced by the officials in a tweet that Roblox is not shutting down. It was also told not to believe anything that you are going to see on the internet. It was assured by the officials only that it is not going anywhere.

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Where did these rumors start from?

Well, it has been said that the rumors were started from a prank website. It was one of those websites that allow the user to create some fake news so that they can prank someone. The same happened with Roblox. The news on the website is made in a way that it is real news and people are made to trust the sources. Other than this, in case you have read the news, you will see in the disclaimer, it was mentioned that it was for entertainment purposes and everything is fiction.

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There was nobody who paid attention to the disclaimer in the post and the same post was shared approximately 80,000 times and hence the rumor was born. So, it is time for a sigh of relief and to realize that Roblox is not shutting down. The officials of the platform took things into their hands and released the statement that Roblox is shutting down and you do not have to believe all the rumors. 

Steps to cross-check any rumor

If you come across any rumor, you may have to cross-check it first and then forward it to somebody else. Everything has its repercussions. Below we have mentioned all the steps that you will have to follow to know how to cross-check any rumor.

  • The very first thing that you will have to look for is the type of organization that has posted the story.
  • Next, you will have to check the URL and see if you notice any unfamiliar domain.
  • Another thing that you can do is to look for the same news on the internet to be sure that the news is confirmed. Check for the theme of the same news.
  • You can try to find out some instants that can serve you as evidence.

Final thoughts:

So, we live in an age where you can find things on your own. It is advised that you do not need to trust everything. You do not need to trust on any WhatsApp forward and always check before you forward the same to other people. 

In the end, have a sigh of relief that Roblox is not shutting down. For all the people who are confused if Roblox shutting down, the straight answer is a NO. So, keep playing and have fun on Roblox.

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